Rösta på vår låt, 'Borderline' i p4-Näst
We Ghosts have been selected as one of five finalists in P4-Nästa 
(Swedish radio competition). We're competing with our song, 'Borderline'.
The voting starts 20th of May and goes on until the Eve of the 10th of June.
(Unfortunately you can only vote from a Swedish mobile)
For more info on the competition click here
The song, 'Borderline', will feature on We Ghosts forth-coming album, 'Touch!'.
'Borderline' was recorded in Dec 2019 in 'Moorstream Studios', Gothenburg, Sweden.
Written by: We Ghosts
On this recording, besides John and Jen (We Ghosts) you can hear:
Derek Chai on bass and David Teboul on drums.
Co-produced/Mixed/Mastered by: Martin Carlberg (Moorstream Studios)
The video for, 'Borderline, was made by: Joakim Holmberg (Holstr)

We Ghosts- Live from Facebook page, May 2020

We Ghosts- Live in Rochester- 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' and 'Summertime'.

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